A submarine intended to explore the wreck of the Titanic has gone missing – -.

A private submarine known as the Titan has been missing since Sunday, along with five passengers who had been exploring the Titanic’s wreck.

This story is a huge can of worms, and opening it can feel a bit like a fever dream with how many random details are piled on top of each other. A ticket to ride on the Titan is $250,000, which means all five passengers on the submarine are incredibly rich. Moreover, it is controlled by a $40 game controller, which apparently is also standard in military vehicles.

The search is being conducted by U.S. and Canadian authorities, who hope to locate the submarine quickly, as it may have had only 40 hours of breathing oxygen as of yesterday.

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Reactions to the missing submarine vary, as some hope for the safe return for the five passengers, while others on social media believe that due to the Titan’s rickety nature and huge price tag, it seemed like a recipe for disaster from the moment it sank into the sea.

What do you think about the missing submarine? Let us know.

A submarine meant to explore the wreck of the Titanic is missing

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