How to install the Profi app from AppGallery on your Huawei phone

Already AppGallery needs no introduction, it’s the third largest mobile app store in the world. It comes pre-installed on all Huawei Android and HarmonyOS phones and tablets, and can be installed on other Android models to access the more than 216,000 apps available in its global offering. AppGallery also includes many local apps, such as Profi, owned by the famous supermarket chain, which recently launched its app on the Huawei store. The app offers customers the opportunity to benefit from exclusive offers through its loyalty programme.

How to download apps from AppGallery

Installing the Profi app from the AppGallery is as easy as installing any regular app. From your phone’s main menu, just go to the app store and type in the Profi search box. Usually, the app is also quickly found in lists generated specifically to help you access the newest or most popular apps in the AppGallery. Once you find it, just tap Install and it’s automatically added to the list of apps in your phone’s menu.

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profi appgallery copy installation tutorial

From the Profi app you can then access exclusive digital offers, browse store offers, find your nearest Profi store and accumulate points for future discounts. The Profi app is one of Romania’s most sought-after apps among smartphone users and is the choice of many Romanians for grocery and home shopping.

Like all the other apps in the AppGallery, Profi has also undergone security and safety checks. Huawei only approves apps in its store that do not collect data without users’ consent and do not expose them to danger. AppGallery also includes other exclusive apps that are not found elsewhere.

The AppGallery store is not just a store, however, but a true ecosystem, which through Huawei Mobile Services allows apps to be integrated across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, watches or computers, as well as the surrounding smart devices to which they connect.

Huawei Nova Y70 is an affordable phone with extra large battery

We accessed the AppGallery and Profi app on the Huawei Nova Y70, a mid-range model that offers a few advantages in its price range. This is a large 6.75″ screen phone, equipped with a huge 6,000 mAh battery. This will certainly provide enough battery life for several days, requiring charging only twice a week under normal use.

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The Y70 integrates 128 GB of storage and also supports microSD cards for those who want to expand the internal capacity. Thanks to its large screen, the Huawei Nova Y70 is a phone especially suited for those who also want to use it for entertainment or gaming, and its triple camera offers very good photo performance for a device in the affordable range.

Banner QR Code support AppGallery

Huawei has also started a customer support program for those who need help downloading apps from the AppGallery or about their phone. So whether you’re having difficulty installing new apps or have questions about the Nova Y70’s features, you can scan the QR code above from the AI Lens app, accessible directly from the camera. This leads to Huawei’s WhatsApp support account, where the support team will help you as soon as possible.

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