YouTube tackles adblockers -.

With the constant ads being thrown at us these days by watching videos online, it’s understandable why people use adblockers (except not on this site, of course, make sure you whitelist us). YouTube, however, is pushing back against ad-blocking software with some pretty extreme measures.

As first spotted on Reddit, YouTube is now threatening to block video playback if you’re still using an adblocker. You get three videos before you can’t watch anything on the site, and YouTube has instead asked if you want to go ad-free, you subscribe to YouTube Premium.

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Of course, this is unlikely to go down well, and people are already discussing how to get around this new measure by YouTube. Since the video platform often throws dreaded, non-skippable ads at us every minute, it can be tempting to use an adblocker, but more sites these days are cracking down on those who want a break from ads.

YouTube tackles adblockers

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