Grab this portable air conditioner for less than half the price in time

This mobile air conditioner is available at NBB with a 63% discount - just the thing for next week's heat wave.

This mobile air conditioner is available from NBB with a 63% discount – just the thing for next week’s heat wave.

The next Heat wave is imminent: It’s supposed to be really hot again by the end of this week and early next week. So now is the perfect time to stock up on the right cooling. Fans make the heat a little more bearable, but if you really cool down your room If you want, there is no way around an air conditioner.

As of today, July 3rd, Notebooksbiliger offers a mobile air conditioner for a whopping 63% cheaper:

Protect yourself from the coming heat wave with this mobile air conditioner at NBB

It’s going to be hot next week: This mobile air conditioner will cool you down

Get the perfect solution for comfortable temperatures in your home – the mobile air conditioner! With a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU, the range air conditioner is ideal for rooms from 18 to 25 square meters.

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A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the amount of heat energy it takes to heat one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. This unit is similar to kilojoules, but air conditioners are often rated in BTUs.

With an effective area of ​​75 cubic meters, this mobile air conditioner is perfect for use at home or in small offices. You must also don’t worry about the noise level, since the device only reaches a maximum noise level of 62 decibels. You will hardly notice the air conditioning, you can just enjoy the pleasant cooling.

This air conditioner offers not only cooling mode, but also fan mode and dehumidifying mode. This helps with that to reduce humidity and to create a pleasant room climate.

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The air conditioner comes with a remote control with an LCD display, so you can conveniently adjust the settings and temperature without having to get up. The many functions of the air conditioning system are particularly practical, such as the timer, which you can use to switch off the air conditioning system automatically after a preset time.

In addition, it has a sleep mode that ensures a slight rise in temperature overnight and enables a restful sleep.

Protect yourself from the coming heat wave with this mobile air conditioner at NBB

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