YouTube Music will have Related tab, a page where you can find remixes and covers of your favorite songs

One of the advantages that YouTube had over the dedicated YouTube Music alternative was that you could easily discover your favourite music distributed through unofficial channels, possibly in the form of mixes and covers that wouldn’t get so easily on dedicated music platforms. Plus, the music video was also guaranteed.

In the meantime, YouTube Music has acquired two playback versions, song and video, the latter showing the official video perfectly synchronized with the song already played in song mode. The natural next step for Google is the inclusion of countless remixes and covers of songs, which are already propagating on YouTutbe.

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In order not to change the user experience too much, the new listening options don’t simply appear when searching for songs, with the results list still returning official/unaltered versions of songs. Instead, there will now be a Related page, where you can go to discover alternative versions of the song in question, published by sources other than the record label or artist’s account. These can range from live renditions to mixes and covers that sound completely different, leaving it up to everyone to decide which version is better.

Another option for those looking for new content on YouTube Music is the Recommended playlists section, where you can discover custom playlists to help broaden your music preferences and feature artists you may not have thought of before.

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