What were the best apps and games on the Google Play Store in 2022

Like Apple, Google also announced which were the best apps for the Android platform hosted in the Google Play store, as well as which were the most popular among users. Some of Google and Android users’ choices are similar to those on the App Store, but others turn out to be completely different.

The Play Store’s best apps and games in 2022

  • Best app: Dream by WOMBO
  • Best game: Apex Legends Mobile
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User choice

  • Best app: BeReal
  • Best game: Apex Legends Mobile

Top apps in 2022 from the Google Play Store

Best for fun

  • PetStar
  • Mentions: DanceFitMe, noteIt widget

Best for personal development

  • Breathwrk
  • Mentions: Duolingo ABC, Gym Log & Workouts, Ukulele by Yousician

Best for essential daily activities

  • Plant Parent
  • Citation: Book Morning Routine Waking Up, Daily Diary, Sleep Tracker

Best Little Known App

  • Recover Athletics
  • Linktree Mentions, Little Lunches, Wamble

Best apps for good causes

  • The STIGMA App
  • Mentions: Sleep Fruits, Zario

Best for clocks

Best for tablets

Best for Chromebook

Top games in 2022 from the Google Play Store

Best multiplayer

  • Dislte
  • Mentions: Apex Legends Mobile, Catalyst Black, Diablo Immortal, Rocket League Sideswipe
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Best accessible game

  • Angry Birds Journey
  • Getting: Gun and Dungeons, HOOK 2, Hyde and Seek, quadline

Best Independent Game

  • Dicey Dungeons
  • Mentions: Dungeons of Dreadrock, Knotwords, One Hand Clapping, Phobies

Best Story

  • Papers, Please
  • Mentions: DEEMO II, Inua – A Story in Ice and Time, The Secret of Cat Island, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Best game in progress

  • Genshin Impact
  • Mentions: Candy Crush Saga, Garena Free Fire, Pokémon GO, Roblox

Best on Play Pass

  • Very Little Nightmares
  • Getting: Bridge Constructor, Final Fantasy VII, Linelight, Path of Giants

Best for tablets

  • Tower of Fantasy
  • Coming: Angry Birds Journey, Catalyst Black, Diablo Immortal, Papers, Please

Best for Chromebook

Not all of the games and apps in these categories are the newest, but many of them didn’t arrive on Android until 2022. If you were looking for new apps and games, you now have a list full of quality choices from multiple categories.

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