YouTube listens to its users: Annoying “feature” finally disappears

Remember a time when there were no ads on YouTube? The grass was a little greener and the air a little cleaner. Sure, you can still have it today, but you pay a few euros for YouTube Premium.

All the better that YouTube is finally retiring at least part of its ads. In this article you can find out how you can use YouTube even better, regardless of the ad question:

Contaminated sites, goodbye!

In a post on the YouTube forum, Jensen from the YouTube team referred to the feature as legacy ad format. What is meant are the overlay billboards that appear on the screen. You can only get rid of them by clicking on the cross. They were particularly annoying because they covered part of the screen.

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Better yet, starting April 6, content creators will no longer be able to post these ads in YouTube Studio. A loss for their earnings?

Content Creator jubeln

Ad broken and video 9 years old: Nobody really used the overlay ads that much.

Ad broken and video 9 years old: Nobody really used the overlay ads that much.

The crux of the overlay ads is that the YouTuber only got paid if people actually clicked on the ads – and who does that when you’re watching a video?

In addition, the ads could only be seen in desktop mode anyway, mobile was not served at all. YouTube itself believes that the proportion of people who clicked on the ads will shift to other ads. So probably nothing is lost.

And why is that a good thing?

YouTube getting rid of the overlay ads might also be important for one overarching reason: hopefully it will send out a signal. Because especially in the past, the video provider has attracted negative attention through two behaviors.

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Either YouTube did nothing at all and ignored requests from users and content creators. Or they have adjusted the algorithm again and kicked so many uploaders in the shins. Now it shows that the media giant is quite willing to respond to user needs.

Admittedly, YouTube is not doing this altruistically, after all they have hardly made any money with the outdated ad format. But we don’t want to give up hope that the move is a good sign.

Small change, big signal effect: YouTube is getting rid of the overlay ads. That was long overdue. How do you rate this step? Do you maybe even have YouTube Premium? What features do you use on YouTube that maybe not everyone knows about? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments and discuss them. We are looking forward to your opinion!

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