Two useful in-car devices available at Lidl

Lidl will, from Monday, have a rich offer of car products under its own brands Tronic, Silvercrest or Parkside. We have selected two items useful in any car.

In the supermarket chain’s stores you will be able to find a set that includes a phone holder and car charger, branded Tronic.

The charger cable includes an adapter so it can be used in conjunction with USB-C and micro-USB plugs.

The phone holder attaches to the grille of the car’s air conditioning system. The adapter for the car’s 12V outlet includes USB-C and USB-A ports.

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The package will cost 35 lei and comes with an extended warranty for 3 years.

A Parkside battery-operated work lamp will also be available for 70 lei. The device offers three luminous flux intensity settings: 600 lm / 300 lm / 60 lm (in front light mode). The maximum battery life in the three modes is 3 hours, 6 hours and 16 hours respectively with a 2,400 mAh battery.

The lamp comes with a dedicated adapter for charging and has a magnetic system for gripping metal surfaces. A charging cable is included in the package. A socket adapter is not available, but the lamp can be connected to mobile phone chargers or external batteries.

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