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YouTube is bringing back a highly acclaimed Google Play Music feature


From now on, YouTube Music subscribers will be able to save the playlist as a permanent playlist, which they can return to at any time to continue the listening experience.

Although at the time Google announced the withdrawal of the Play Music service, the promise was to migrate all the essential features to the YouTube Music replacement, in reality the user experience was not so smooth. Already popular, Google Play Music has not left the scene without leaving behind strong resentments, users still have to wait until today to restore some of the features they came to appreciate in the previous version of the music service.

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One of the biggest grievances was that under YouTube Music, you could no longer save playlists, you had to select individual songs. It is not uncommon for you to search for a particular artist, and the selection of songs automatically generated by Google proves to be surprisingly successful, laying the groundwork for a possible playlist that you would like to follow to the end, even if at the moment your attention is distracted by other genres of music.

Once updated to the latest version, YouTube Music allows you to convert your playlist to a playlist. All you have to do is pick up the playlist using a swipe-up command applied to the listening song screen, the “add to playlist” function appearing as a + Mark button, displayed at the top of the screen. Once activated, you’re greeted with a shared playlist and YouTube service. All you have to do is use the New Playlist button and give a name to the playlist.

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