Lidl will bring useful tools for electronics repair enthusiasts

Lidl will offer the necessary tools in the repair of electronic devices next week.

A hobby set of antistatic tweezers, which includes 10 pieces, will be available in stores of the German retailer starting Thursday, April 7th.

The devices, made of stainless steel, are covered with an ESD layer.

An antistatic agent is a compound used to treat materials or their surfaces to reduce or eliminate the buildup of static electricity.

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The tweezers come in a special cover, and their ends have silicone protection. The set will cost almost 40 lei.

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The tweezers that Lidl will sell.

The price charged by Lidl is advantageous. A similar set costs, at eMAG, 88.56 lei.


Why are these tweezers needed to work with electronics?

Due to the large potential differences (different voltages), a short electric current is formed in the form of a spark or discharge.

Many electrostatic discharges are below the threshold from which they are perceived by humans, but can cause damage to the elements in precision electronics. Therefore, their handling must be done with special tools, so that the parts are not damaged.

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Photo:, eMAG

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