You want a wind turbine? The cheap kind, also available at eMAG, that you need to watch out for

A wind turbine can cut electricity costs in a household and help, albeit a little, to combat climate problems. Prices for these devices are falling all the time and more people are buying them. There are countless models available today, with horizontal or vertical axes, including some that look like flowers.

But very many of the affordable wind turbines found on the internet are not effective and end up becoming mere decoration in yards.

There is one type of home wind turbine that should be avoided at all costs. Such models can be found on Amazon, Alibaba or even eMAG.

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The fact that they’re not effective we learn from the experts in the field, but we also find it by researching the ratings and reviews received in online stores. This is the vertical axis models with blades arranged in a spherical structure, like the one in the picture below.

wind turbine
The Pikasola Wind Turbine 200W wind turbine model available on Amazon has disappointed many customers.

They have blades that are not efficient. While one of them is attacked by the wind, the one in the opposite direction, also pushed, acts as a brake. Thus, these vertical wind turbines never reach the manufacturer’s claimed power.

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One user claims on Amazon that a 200 W model costing $270 failed, in a 20 mph wind, to achieve more than 7 W. “Looks good, but not really practical for generating electricity,” the person wrote.

On Alibaba, the cheapest models cost $75. Even at that price, wind turbines of this kind are not recommended.

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