France bans gaming words like “eSports”, “streamer” or “pro-gamer”. What he replaces them with

France, known for banning terms such as computer or smartphone in the past, has decided to ban new English words in official state communications. Thus, gaming terms such as “streamer”, “eSports” or “cloud gaming”, commonly used in online and even corporate environments, will need to be translated into French when used for public communication by the authorities. . Fortunately, the official terms, adapted to the French language, are also provided.

What are the gaming words banned by France

It seems that the French authorities want to provide in the official communication only words from the French language, which comes to light from time to time. This topic seems to be especially popular among politicians, who can gain political capital from the nationalist public. The rationale for translating gaming terms from English into French is the “language barrier” between gamers and non-gamers, who may not understand what it is all about when such English words are used.

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Here are some of the terms that have been translated from English into French:

  • pro-gamer – professional player
  • streamer – live player-animator
  • cloud gaming
  • eSports – competition video game

As expected, the translation of the terms is forced. While they do describe English terms correctly, it is obvious that the language is forced to adapt to new terms from other languages. The term “streamer”, which consists of a single word and effectively describes the activity of broadcasting games live on the Internet, is translated into a four-word phrase in French. The same would be true in Romanian, where a “streamer” would be a “player who broadcasts live”.

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At least in other technical terms, such as computer, a term as effective as computer was used. Fortunately, the population will not be “forced” to use these words and probably not the press, although some newsrooms will probably adopt the official terms.

source: The Guardian

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