Lidl will sell a car device that will help drivers save money

Oil change is a very important routine for a car, and when it is done at a professional service a large part of the amount paid is labor. Lidl comes to the aid of car owners who operate at home to save money.

An Ultima Speed ​​oil pump will be available in German retailer stores. It can be used to remove old oil from the car’s engine, but also to extract fuel from the tank. The suction hose is 1.2 meters long and the discharge hose is 2 meters long.

In the case of engine oil, the flow rate is 0.2 liters / minute, and for diesel it reaches 1.5 liters / minute.

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The maximum operating time of the pump is 30 minutes, and the device can be used for liquids with a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

The 60 W pump is connected to the 12 V socket of the machine.

The device will be available starting Monday, February 14, at a price of almost 60 lei. The product will have an extended warranty of 3 years.

Lidl will also sell other car accessories, including seat covers, light bulbs or mats.


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