You can finally buy the new generation of routers with WiFi 7 on Amazon!

Stable WiFi in every corner of the house, speeds like a LAN cable and lower latency: That's what WiFi 7 can do!

Bad Wi-Fi, lousy reception, disconnections – if the network at home doesn't work well, it's not only annoying, it disrupts working, streaming, gaming and also every smart home device. A new generation of WiFi routers now wants to solve this issue once and for all. You can now buy the first routers with the new WiFi 7 standard on Amazon – here you can find out how good they are.

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New WLAN router with WiFi 7: Fast as a LAN cable!

What exactly is WiFi 7? It is the latest breakthrough in the world of wireless networking technology. It brings a number of groundbreaking improvements over previous standards. It represents the new standard for WiFi networks and is the successor to WiFi 6 and 6E.

How fast is WiFi 7? I want to explain this to you directly using hard numbers, data and facts: The performance of WiFi 7 is breathtaking. It's up to 4.8 times faster than WiFi 6 and 13 times faster than WiFi 5.

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The extremely high one Throughput of up to 46 Gbit/s leaves previous standards far behind. For comparison: WiFi 6 reaches 9.6 Gbit/s and WiFi 5 only 3.5 Gbit/s.

At 19 Gbits, the TP-Link doesn't manage the full potential 46 Gbits - but that's a hell of a lot faster compared to your current router!

At 19 Gbit/s, the TP-Link doesn't achieve the full potential 46 Gbit/s – but that's a hell of a lot faster compared to your current router!

With up to 46 Gbit/s, WiFi 7 dramatically accelerates data throughput. This speed is not just a numerical value, but enables applications that were previously unthinkable – Smooth, uncompressed 4K/8K video transmissions, lag-free gamingefficient home work and streaming without stuttering!

The second advantage: Significantly lower latency! WiFi 7 offers 100x better worst-case latency compared to WiFi 6, which is extremely important, especially when gaming.

Die Network capacity for different devices is now five times higher. At 320 MHz and MLO (Multi-Link Operation), WiFi 7 is tailored to the needs of a connected household with a variety of devices.

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No more connection problems thanks to WiFi 7? This way!

Faster Internet with a new router: Greater WiFi range

The TP-Link router with WiFi 7 embodies all of these advances. It offers a Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 7 system 12-stream and 19Gbps ​​tri-band WiFi for the entire home. Multi-gigabit connectivity ensures maximum flexibility and increased throughput, while combined wireless and wired backhaul improves overall performance and reduces latency.

The TP-Link is not just a WiFi 7 router, it is also extremely well equipped in general!

The TP-Link is not just a WiFi 7 router, it is also extremely well equipped in general!

With 320 MHz channels, that operate on the 6 GHz band, the router minimizes congestion and delivers robust, high-speed connections. Thanks to TP-Link HomeShield, it offers comprehensive network protection and robust parental controls. The router is also Universally compatible and works with every Internet Service Provider (ISP) and modem.

Currently WiFi 7 routers are still very expensive and rare. However, you can now save at Amazon and benefit from the new generation of WiFi at home: instead of €699, you now only have to pay €550.

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