With this gadget, blurry images are a thing of the past!

Do you want to be creative and produce videos for TikTok & YouTube or just capture beautiful memories from your family vacation? No matter what you want to use your smartphone camera for, 3-axis stabilization helps you get the perfect shot, without blurring or jerky movements – just like the professionals. The right DJI smartphone gimbal is currently available at the cheapest price on Amazon:

Get the DJI smartphone gimbal on offer on Amazon

DJI Osmo Mobile 6: A gimbal for perfect cell phone recordings

ActiveTrack 6.0: Always in focus, no matter how fast or dynamic

Subjects that move are often difficult to capture. With ActiveTrack 6.0 you can simply select your subject and the gimbal will track it automatically. This advanced tracking technology ensures that you always get razor-sharp images, even when there are dynamic movements or obstacles. Whether you're recording sporting activities or navigating busy streets, ActiveTrack 6.0 keeps your subject at the center of the image.

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Stable recordings with 3-axis stabilization

DJI's 3-axis stabilization technology is at the heart of this gimbal. It compensates for unwanted movements and allows you to capture the moment with high precision. Even when you're on the move or the conditions around you change, you can be confident that your shots will look stable and professional.

Quick start with DJI Mimo app

Ease of use is DJI's top priority. You can put the gimbal into operation in seconds. Simply unfold it, snap it into place magnetically and get started. The smartphone app starts automatically as soon as you have connected your cell phone to the gimbal. A simple tap is enough to be ready to shoot and produce brilliant images.

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Lightweight, compact and foldable

With a weight of only 309 grams This foldable gimbal stabilizer for smartphones is extremely lightweight and can be easily taken anywhere. Thanks to its fold-out design, you can use it in any situation extendable telescopic rod you can also achieve unusual perspectives. There are no limits to your creativity.

Ready to use with shot guides & one-tap editing

DJI goes one step further to make your life easier. The gimbal not only offers Comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions with ShotGuides, but also the possibility of one-tap editing. This intelligent function allows you to… Edit recordings directly on your smartphone, anywhere and anytime. With the LightCut app you also get professional editing tools to make your videos even more impressive.

Get the DJI smartphone gimbal on offer on Amazon

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