Soybeans may contain pig DNA to make them taste meatier -.

If you’re like me, you’d like to go meat-free when it comes to your diet, but you can’t avoid one thing: taste. I can handle meat-free sausages and nuggets, but when it comes to a burger, I’ve never had one of those bean and mushroom dumplings that didn’t make me gag.
At Paladini in South America, however, science is going to work to make meat substitutes taste a little more like the real thing. Gastón Paladini, CEO of Moolec Science, has been testing pig DNA by combining it with soybeans to create a tastier, meatier bean.
We’ve seen the vegetable market slow down a bit in recent years, and Paladini believes it has largely to do with flavor. “Personally, I believe the vegetable industry has slowed down because the cost, taste and flavor are good, but not good enough.” he told Wired. “The vegetable companies still need to improve taste and texture and reduce costs.”

Paladini also believes he can cut costs when it comes to “real meat.” Since most products that contain meat only contain a percentage of it, by adding these baking beans, you could theoretically increase the flavor of a meat product without adding more meat. Genius.

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Soybeans may contain pork DNA to make them taste meatier

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