Galaxy S23 phone prices in euros, leaked on the internet. The new models will be more expensive than the S22

We were already expecting higher prices for Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 smartphone models compared to similar models last year, but now we know how much higher they’ll be. According to Roland Quandt, editor at and Twitter leaker, we now have a list of each individual S23 model and its corresponding price in Europe. It’s unclear if other regions will see similar price increases.

Quandt posted a list on his Twitter account revealing that each S23 model will come in just two variants. It seems that in doing so, Samsung is trying to encourage the idea of “upselling,” a strategy similar to Apple’s, which makes the base model more undesirable by limiting internal storage. The “standard” Galaxy S23 starts at 128GB and only goes up to 256, without a 512GB option. Only the Plus and Ultra variants start at 256 GB and go up to 512. The source of this information seems to be from the retail area in Spain. In some countries they are 10 euros cheaper (Germany and Benelux countries).

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How much do Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series phones cost

  • Galaxy S23 8+128 GB – 959 euros (4,795 lei)
  • Galaxy S23 8+256 GB – 1019 euros (5,095 lei)
  • Galaxy S23+ 8+256 GB – 1,209 euros (6,045 lei)
  • Galaxy S23+ 8+512 GB – 1,329 euros (6,645 lei)
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra 8+256 GB – 1,409 euros (7,045 lei)
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra 12+256 GB – 1,589 euros (7,945 lei)

Prices in lei have been adjusted from euro at a rate of 5 lei to one euro, the rate used mainly by electronic device companies. No official confirmation of prices for Romania yet. They might be different when the phones get listed in local stores, and there might be special discount offers or accessories included in the standard price when pre-ordering.

The Galaxy S22 models started at a price of 4,199 lei for the 128 GB variant and 4,449 lei for the 256 GB variant of the base model at pre-order, a price that included a pair of Galaxy Buds Pro as a gift. Thus, we can expect an increase of about 100 euros for each model compared to last year’s variant.

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