Windows 365 cloud PCs now allow shift work, including from your phone or TV

Microsoft is constantly working on new ways to offer services that are best suited to all kinds of businesses and home users. A few years ago, it integrated the ability to work directly in the cloud on a Windows virtual computer, and now those computers are becoming more flexible, which will allow companies to cut costs by buying a single license for a single computer that can have multiple users on shifts. This option is called Windows 365 Frontline and will be available in the near future. What’s more, anyone with an LG smart TV will be able to work in Office with just a keyboard and mouse.

Windows 365 Frontline is a “multi-user” license for cloud PCs

Windows 365 Frontline is a new type of license that will allow you to set up cloud computers that support multiple users. For example, if a company works three shifts, it will no longer have to buy three separate licenses for the three users working from the same office on a cloud PC. They can use the same PC in shifts.

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There’s also a virtual “queue” that alerts you that someone is already working on that virtual PC, and notifies you when it becomes available. You can also set up hours of operation for each shift, and the ability to automatically stop the session when the hours are up. What’s more, you can set updates only outside working hours, to avoid times when your PC needs to restart or updates take too long.

These PCs are configurable with both Windows 10 and Windows 11, depending on company preferences. The licenses are recommended for call centers, medical institutions, and other tech support-type jobs where you work all day, in shifts.

Access to a “virtual” PC from any device

Microsoft wants to integrate Cloud PCs into Windows 11, with the ability to set up a virtual desktop as a Cloud PC in the future. That way you can work from your personal PC without affecting other aspects of it. And anyone with a 2023 LG Smart TV can use Windows 365 in the Cloud right now. All you need are peripherals connected to the TV via Bluetooth or cable. Microsoft has promised to bring this functionality to previous generation LG models as well, and expects other companies to want such features on their TVs.

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Another interesting integration is with Lenovo ThinkPhone phones, which get extended Windows 365 functionality. They will be able to set up their Cloud PCs automatically from the phone, based on the account already used on the phone. Basically, you can work directly from your phone on a Cloud PC, just by connecting it to a monitor and keyboard, without any additional steps. These features are coming to other phones in the future.

For those using Windows PCs, the Windows 365 app is now available in the Microsoft Store.

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