Pixel Fold, the foldable screen version of Pixel 7, gets new details about the hardware used

Expected since before the current-generation Pixel 7, the first Pixel Fold phone with a foldable screen was reportedly initially cancelled, only for the effort to restart from scratch aiming to develop an even more competitive product.

According to industry sources, Google will ship its own Galaxy Fold alternative no later than 2023, offering the same Pixel experience from the format of a foldable screen phone.

Although Google’s first foldable phone doesn’t even have an official name, key details about it are emerging from alternative sources. For example, we learn that the main screen will measure 123mm x 148mm, or 2208 x 1840 pixel resolution. Without specifying the exact display technology used, we learn that the screen (probably OLED) will have a maximum brightness of 1200 nits, respectively 800 nits in sustained mode. At the same time, the refresh rate is expected to be 120Hz, which is at least appropriate for a mid-tier smartphone.

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Constrained by the limited space available, the photo setup could include a Sony IMX 787 series main sensor, seconded by an IMX386 sensor for the ultrawide camera.

The device said to have been cancelled last year and then reimagined from scratch would have already reached at least prototype stage. According to information from credible sources, the first Pixel phone with a foldable screen will be unveiled no later than March 2023.

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