Why not leave your car in the parking lot for a long time? What happens to it after you don’t use it for a long time?

The pandemic period was difficult to hang in most of society’s plans. Thus, traffic restrictions have prevented many drivers from driving. This means that your car has spent a lot of time in the parking lot, which could have affected one or more parts.

When a car stays in the same place for a longer period of time, it still needs to be maintained. Due to the fact that it is not used, technical problems can occur when you expect less, and fixing them could make you take a large amount of money out of your pocket.

When your car stays in the same place for a long time, the first danger it is exposed to is the appearance of rust on the body parts. Furthermore, deflation of tires can be a second thing that can happen.

As expected, the stagnation of the car in the parking lot comes with a lot of bad news, so the damage may include the fact that the start of the car could not take place or you can even choose a road to the car mechanic with with the help of a platform.

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In the case of damaged parts, the brake discs may be damaged by rain and then be exposed to high temperatures. They may oxidize or be crushed by rust. Stirrups can also stick to discs as hard as if they were welded. Temperature fluctuations can cause the brake discs to ovalize and need to be replaced.

Electrical contacts can also suffer. Although not directly exposed to external factors, battery slippers, relays, or contactors may experience some of the effects of prolonged parking. Moisture can lead to oxidation of plugs and pins.

car in the parking lot
Why not leave your car in the parking lot for a long time?

The car that has been parked for a long time must be maintained

Gaskets are other parts that can suffer. These include oil pan, cylinder head or water pump gaskets. Due to the lack of continuous lubrication that only occurs when the machine is running constantly, they can give way and leaks can occur.

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Although the air conditioning system is protected from external factors, this does not mean that it is 100% protected. Due to the long stay and the temperature variation, certain gaskets or hoses of the installation may fail and the freon may evaporate.

This small part of the machine, the thermostat has the role of integrating antifreeze into the motor circuit, so that due to stagnation for a longer period, it can be blocked. Thus, when you start the car and it is blocked, it can have the effect of increasing the consumption of fuel or boiling water in the radiator. These are just a few examples to consider when keeping your car parked for a longer period of time.

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