Who returns the money with a shovel, in Romania, even if there are many crises and war at the border: they are very lucky

Although the economic and macroeconomic context is unfavorable to the business environment and financial markets, in general, there are also areas of activity that manage to record performance that goes beyond the borders of the country.

In Romania, such a field is represented by the car industry. Although this sector has also faced its own challenges, generated in particular by the semiconductor crisis or rising energy prices, as a whole it is showing remarkable performance, which puts us at the forefront of European rankings.

The numbers speak for themselves

According to the latest data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the car market in our country is registering, for the first two months of 2022, the highest growth in the European Union!

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In the first two months of this year, a number of 1,401,960 units were registered, a decrease of -6.4% compared to the similar period of 2021.

There were increases in new car registrations compared to January 2021 in: Germany (+ 5.6%) and Spain (+4.2), while Italy (-21%) and France (-15.7%) registered decreases in registrations.

In February 2022, the registration of new cars in the European Union decreased by -6.7% compared to February 2021, reaching a level of 719,465 units.

The report also shows that Romania ranks 14th in the EU, with a volume of 17,953 new cars registered, registering an increase of + 39.2% compared to January-February 2021.

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We also have a situation of car manufacturers that have become the most popular, according to the number of registrations. Thus, most new cars registered in total in Europe are represented by the VW group with 399,173 units, decreasing by -7.8%, followed by the STELANTIS group with 320,662 units, decreasing by -15.1%, HYUNDAY by 160,947 units, increasing by + 30.5% and by the Renault Group with 147,864 units, decreasing by -2.4% (of which DACIA: 63,294 units, increasing by + 16.4% compared to January-February 2021). Ford cars accounted for 75,976 new units registered in January-February 2022, down -14% compared to the same period in 2021.

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