When I’m sitting at the PC, a simple gadget for 10 euros has become indispensable for me

Small squares, big effect: an Infinity Cube doesn't cost much, but can bring a lot.

Small squares, big effect: an Infinity Cube doesn’t cost much, but can bring a lot.

Can you still remember the hype surrounding the so-called fidget spinners? I’ve been getting back over the little ones for at least a while Fans to turn yourself stumbled, especially in videos. But what I lightly dismissed as a pointless gimmick at the time is now catching up with me in a very positive and yet very different way.

What gadget are we talking about here? I’m talking about a so-called Infinity Cube, which like the Fidget Spinner belongs to the Fidget Toys. If you only understand train station, don’t worry: That’s how I felt at first too. For example, for a long time I was not even aware that this type of gadget is not just about gimmicks, but also about relaxation and better focus in stressful times.

How well this can really be achieved can vary greatly subjectively. Personally, I don’t want to be without my Infinity Cube anymore, especially when working in the home office. You can find out why this is and how it works in this short article.

My colleague Patrick Schneider, on the other hand, swears by a completely different way of enriching working at home. You can find out exactly what this is all about here:

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I love my new home office gadget, even if it costs 170 euros

The little fidgeting for in between

The english word fidget means something like herumzappeln or Zappelphilipp. My Infinity Cube meets exactly this need, which also applies to other fidget toys.

The big advantage compared to a fidget spinner: I can use the Infinity Cube with just one hand without any problems and without any practice. his name Infinity Cube Accordingly, it can be unfolded and put back together again and again in no time at all with just five fingers:

The idea to buy it came to me while testing a CPU. To do this, I have to run a lot of benchmarks, where one short wait follows the next. For example when starting a game or loading a save.

The problem with that: The waiting times are too short to do anything else in the meantime (usually we’re talking about ten to twenty seconds). But they’re long enough to be annoying. Especially since I have to run benchmarks several times to get reliable values.

Exactly these waiting times I find much less annoying thanks to my Infinity Cube. But even apart from benchmarks, I always pick it up for a moment. Be it listening in a longer meeting, taking a break when typing, researching a topic or proofreading.

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There is a potential catch

Admittedly, it can sometimes happen that you feel something in the rolling around loses or takes one or the other fidget break too much. All in all, I am very happy about my new gadget for the home office, also with regard to my efficiency when working.

Positive side effect: Since I ordered a variant that glows in the dark, I can always give my two daughters a little joy with it. Even if I have to be careful that they don’t burst into the office at home more often than they already do, to be brief Hi Papa! accept.

I can’t imagine a more welcome visitor, but two four-year-olds don’t help with more efficient work – in contrast to my Infinity Cube.

How do you feel about the so-called fidget toys? Have you ever tried one of them and use it regularly yourself? Didn’t they convince you so much in the self-test? Or have you never encountered fidget spinners, infinity cubes & co? And if you do, feel free to give me tips on other cool fidget toys in the comments – after all, a little variety never hurts.

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