Platinium Group puts F1 ticketing on the NFT map

Platinium Groupthe global partner for ticketing from Formula 1 GPwill enable the issue of NFT banknotes on Polygon.

Monaco’s technology provider for online ticketing Platinium Group has entered into a partnership with the marketplace Elemint and startup Web3 Bary in order to propose tickets in NFT format.

The NFT tickets will be issued on the popular layer2 Polygon and will provide holders withadditional benefits. In addition to access to the races, these new tickets will offer, for example, access to after-race experiences or discounts for future events.

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The crypto industry and the world of Formula 1 have been working together for several years through various initiatives, including sponsorship. The first NFT tickets will be distributed as part of the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend.

We are delighted to introduce our VIP customers to this NFT ticket solution, which not only provides access to unrivalled experiences, but also transforms into truly unique memories. [qui déverrouille] benefits – encapsulating the essence of that extraordinary moment forever.” commented Platinium Group COO Bertrand Labays on Blockworks.

Several major players in the ticketing have already positioned themselves in these new technologies.

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Ticketmaster teamed up with Dapper Labs and its Flow blockchain last autumn. More recently, Sports Illustrated turned to ConsenSys to offer a new service called Box Office. Tickets are also issued on Polygon.

Web3 technologies make it possible to design ticketing solutions that are more secure and better adapted to the specific nature of each event. The experience becomes more personalized and more fun for fans of all types of sporting competitions,” said Jacques-Henri Eyraud, CEO of Elemint, in a statement shared with

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