The reality behind a YouTube prankster’s ATM joke went awry -.

When you see a headline along the lines of “idiot YouTuber gets absolutely obliterated in explosion prank gone wrong,” you probably think it’s somehow the natural order working at its best. Play silly games, win silly prizes and stuff.

You would probably think the same thing about the video below, in which a YouTuber appears to attack a man at an ATM before having his nose broken in three places by a stranger looking out for the man he thinks is being attacked.

On closer inspection, however, this story seems even messier than it appears. Instead of the YouTuber simply going to a random bloke and actually attacking him, this seems like a staged prank from all the way back in 2014. The Aussie YouTubers in question had paid everyone in the video as actors, and so the whole thing was staged.

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The only person not acting was a bystander who decided to get in on the action and give a vicious right hook to the YouTuber. Although the situation seemed largely under control, some people’s fight or flight can cause them to do unpredictable things, meaning that even if the YouTuber believed they had thought of everything, it was still a stupid idea to film the video in the first place.

The reality behind a YouTube prankster's ATM joke gone awry

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