When and with what features Pixel Fold, the foldable-screen version of Pixel 7, might come

Now that the Pixel 7 series is out, speculation about the Pixel Fold alternative with foldable screen is more attractive than ever. According to industry sources, this time Google won’t miss the opportunity to deliver a Galaxy Fold alternative that offers the Pixel experience in the format of a foldable screen phone.

Although Google’s first foldable phone doesn’t even have an official name, the device that was rumored to have been canceled last year and then reimagined from scratch has reportedly already reached at least prototype stage. According to information from Ross Young, a fairly reputable source on unannounced Google products, the first foldable-screen Pixel phone will be unveiled in Q1-2023 (January-March).

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While it would be taking a direct swipe at rival Samsung, it’s unclear if Google will use the Pixel Fold formula for the product name, but a reasonable choice would be Pixel 7 Fold.

Also based on speculation, the preliminary Pixel Fold specs list describes a 7.6-inch main display and a 5.8-inch cover-display, both OLED and with 120Hz refresh rate. Certainly, the configuration will be built around the new Tensor G2 chipset, helped with up to 12GB of RAM and various internal storage options, starting with 256GB in the base trim. Constrained by the limited space available, the photo setup could include a 12.2MP main sensor, 12MP ultra-wide camera and two 8MP selfie cameras (one for each screen).

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According to speculation so far, the desired price will be close to the amount of $1399 for the base trim, with the Pixel 7 Fold entering as a Galaxy Fold alternative of comparable level, but offering a Pixel phone-style experience.

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