WhatsApp will allow you to attach a second phone to the same account. What do you have to do

WhatsApp has long trumpeted the removal of the restriction that prevents the same account from connecting to other devices, without saying that the second device cannot be another smartphone.

Under the current formula, you can set WhatsApp on your PC or tablet as your second device, keeping the main account already authenticated on a smartphone. But you can’t set the same WhatsApp identity on a second smartphone. The limitation would be addressed through a dedicated function.

Using the new Companion Mode feature, you will be able to authenticate the same WhatsApp account on other smartphones, without being logged out of the previously used phone.

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This way, you’ll be able to record a companion phone whether it’s running Android or iOS, and can communicate from it as well as from the main device. WhatsApp administrators, however, say that Companion Mode is activated by automatically deleting history already saved on your device, and users who want to keep their attachments received over time are encouraged to manually copy them to another location or send them easily. and simply to another contact, or by manually copying to a permanent memory media.

Admittedly, the functionality is still in the experimental stage, leaving chances for the final version to get rid of this limitation, simply offering a way to use the WhatsApp account on the second phone, without other limitations or technical obstacles.

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