WhatsApp prepares feature that allows you to save intended messages to disappear after they are seen

Kept Messages will be the “antidote” to Dissapearing Messages, the WhatsApp feature advertised as a way to guarantee message privacy.

Apparently, the feature introduced under pressure from Telegram and other competing messaging platforms works a little too well, with Meta preparing users for a feature that can at any time undo the privacy promised to the other participant in the conversation by keeping received messages private, with certain constraints. Thus, an attempt to save a message will be sent as a request to the sender, who will decide whether or not to allow the message to be saved.

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Probably, used without being fully understood, the setting for preserving messages received in sessions checked with the disappearing message option will be a source of intrigue between participants in the conversation. What is certain is that messages retained by using the Kept Messages option will not disappear when the expiry date of the conversation started with the Dissapearing Messages option is reached, but will remain visible to all participants in the chat group concerned.

For example, WhatsApp group administrators will be able to use this feature to preserve certain information posted in private chats without repeating it in a public chat session.

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To avoid any confusion, messages kept in this way will be visually differentiated from regular chats, with the group administrator retaining the option to remove them permanently at any time.

Kept Messages is currently being tested with a small group of users and it remains to be seen whether or not it will be included in the official WhatsApp client.

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