Why there are so many internet and TV failures and who is affected

According to the disruption map, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Nuremberg are currently the most affected.  (Image sources: Ralf via Adobe Stock; disruption map at Netzwelt)

According to the disruption map, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Nuremberg are currently the most affected. (Image sources: Ralf via Adobe Stock; disruption map at Netzwelt)

Do you use the mobile operator Vodafone? Then you are currently very likely to be affected by disruptions. News services are currently reporting more and more massive disruptions to Vodafone customers in Bavaria and around Dresden. Beyond that, you can expect disruptions in TV reception via Vodafone up to and including the second half of 2023 (Netzwelt and Giga have reported).

Cable damage in Böblingen, disturbances and Dresden and Bavaria: Netzwelt’s fault indicator has been receiving more and more fault reports since yesterday; The disturbances primarily come from and around Dresden and from Bavaria. A cable damage in Böblingen, a city in Baden-Württemberg, is named as the probable cause. Those affected report disturbances in the areas of telephony, mobile communications and the Internet.

As soon as the cable damage in Böblingen has been repaired, the disturbances should end. It is not yet known how long the repairs will take. In addition, the problems with the TV connections via Vodafone are currently increasing. Behind this is a Germany-wide changeover.

TV conversion at Vodafone

The conscious changeover has been going on since August 2022. The beginning was made in August 2022 in Nuremberg – and is currently running through the Federal Republic. In the summer of this year, the conversion should finally be fully completed. Behind this is a large-scale standardization of the TV cable network from Vodafone. In order to achieve this standardization, Vodafone is currently adjusting the reception frequencies.

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But why is the unification taking so long?

✅Problem #1 – The 2022 World Cup: According to Netzwelt, Vodafone will have trouble completing the changeover as planned by the summer of this year. The original target was July 2023. The main reasons for the delay are two major interruptions in the course of the 2022 World Cup, which literally threw the stick between Vodafone’s legs.

Problem #2 – Greater preparations than expected at Vodafone West: In the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia in particular, the preparations are said to be more complex than expected. Therefore, the changes there will probably only be tackled in the second half of 2023. Background to this: The Vodafone network is divided into different regional areas.

Who is affected by the TV conversion and when? According to the unofficial forum Vodafone Kabel-Helpdesk, anyone who is in one of the regions below will be affected by the changeover in the coming days.

  • 20. June: Halberstadt
  • 20. June: Halle
  • 20. June: Potsdam
  • 20. June: Cottbus
  • 20. June: Halberstadt & Halle
  • 27. June: Karlsruhe
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What do you have to pay attention to when changing the TV? According to Vodafone, the changeover should go unnoticed by you. Because these should be set to nocturnal time. Vodafone cites a high need for speed and increased connectivity as the reason for the change.

Before the actual changeover, you will receive a letter or e-mail. This letter will announce the date of the changeover. On the night of the actual changeover, all you usually have to do is leave your TV receiver switched on. The following day you should check your receiver. If everything went well, the TV should work as usual (detailed instructions are available from the provider).

As far as the official manual from Vodafone. The fact that the changeover is by no means going smoothly is evident from the increasing number of error reports.

Are you also a Vodafone customer and suffer from disruptions? Or are you an enthusiastic Vodafone customer from the very beginning and have sworn loyalty to the large Internet provider for life? Write us about it in the comments.

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