What the iPhone 15 Pro looks like in the most detailed images yet. PHOTO

The iPhone 15 won’t launch until September, but we already have extremely detailed images of the Pro model, thanks to 9to5mac. These are based on CAD drawings, which appear to be already completed. These were obtained from accessory manufacturers, who must have time to produce compatible cases and other accessories before the phones hit stores. So these new iPhone 15 Pro images are the most detailed yet.

iPhone 15 Pro comes with design refinement

iPhone 15 Pro camera
photo: 9to5mac

Despite earlier reports suggesting greater design differences, the new iPhone 15 Pro models will not be significantly different from the current 14 Pro. Rather, it looks like a refinement of the previous design, ditching the glossy steel on the edges in favor of matte metallic-looking titanium with very subtly rounded edges. The screen also retains the ‘pill’ shaped Dynamic Island cutout, but shrinks the edges around the screen. The buttons are now solid state, meaning they no longer press, but just use 3D Touch sensors to detect the pressure applied.

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With the new buttons, iPhone will lose one of its oldest components: the silent mode slider. It will be replaced by a solid button, which will most likely serve the same function, but which could also be customized to trigger more actions. The new plans miss an interesting detail, though: the new phones will have a slightly thinner camera than the 2022 generation. The cameras on iPhones have been getting bigger and bigger since the iPhone 11 so far, so this detail is quite interesting, suggesting that Apple might adopt new camera technologies on the new models. At the same time, this means we can’t expect a major upgrade for the main camera.

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iPhone 14 15 Pro
photo: 9to5mac

USB-C, finally on the iPhone

But the most important detail this new leak shows is the USB-C port at the bottom. The iPhone 15 generation will be the first to ditch a proprietary port and adopt a universal one. The iPhone is the last device in Apple’s portfolio that still uses Lightning for charging. With this transition, accessories such as AirPods, or the Magic range of keyboards and mice will also likely drop Lightning.

iPhone 15 Pro USB
photo: 9to5mac

Finally, this leak suggests that Apple will adopt a “special” new color for Pro models in 2023. It has the color code 410D0D, and it appears to be a shade of crimson, similar to Burgundy Red on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 generation.

The iPhone 15 is expected to launch in September, along with iOS 17, a new Apple Watch and possibly new iPad tablets.

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