PlayStation Handheld may already be facing a November release – That’s Gaming

PlayStation has had several rumors in recent months, whether it’s the new PS5 with a removable disc coming out this year or the PlayStation Showcase apparently coming before Summer Game Fest. Then there is the PlayStation 5 Pro, rumored to launch in 2024.

Perhaps the most interesting rumor is about a new PlayStation handheld. Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb was the first to report on it, and the focus would be on cloud streaming. Insider-Gaming’s Tom Henderson reported that the handheld is codenamed Q Lite and will run PS5 titles using Remote Play.

So when can we expect it? Henderson said it will be released before the PS5 Pro, but after the new PS5 model. In the latest episode of the Iron Lords Podcast, he revealed that the current plan is to release it in November.

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“It will be released between the PS5 Pro, which is currently coming out in late 2024, and the new PS5 with a removable disc [die uitkomt] at the end of this year. Right now it will be released toward the end of this year. Many people said it would be 2024, but right now it looks like it will be November.”

This deluge of hardware releases would be an interesting strategy for Sony, especially with the recent launch of PlayStation VR2. The latter has reportedly sold fewer than 300,000 units and it seems the company has plans to cut production by 20 percent.

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In the meantime, stay tuned for more details on the new handheld and console, production of which will reportedly begin in April and a September release is planned.

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