What is the connection between Thor: Love & Thunder and love novels: Taika Waititi reveals the books

Taika Waititi talked about an alleged connection between Thor: Love & Thunder and love novels. This confession may not be to the liking of Marvel fans.

The next film, from Marvel Studios, is just a few weeks away from being released in theaters on July 8th. As announced, one of the first Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 movies, Thor: Love and Thunder has been postponed several times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Although he faced obstacles, Waititi finished the film on time. However, due to the full franchise program, marketing has suffered massive delays.

Despite the two trailers, Thor: Love & Thunder, already released, it is still difficult to decipher what will actually happen in the film, the audience having only a few narrative details that are already confirmed. These include the spectacular transformation of Mighty Thor and the appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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The love novels Mills & Boon, the source of inspiration for Thor: Love & Thunder

The director is now revealing some of his sources of inspiration for Wired. “For contractual reasons, Waititi couldn’t tell me much about Thor: Love & Thunder, which comes out on July 8th, except that he tried to write it as a love story, mixed with elements from the original comics. and the cover of the old romance novel Mills & Boon. But he said that he tried to maintain the limits of the genre “, said sources from the aforementioned editorial office.

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In the same interview, Waititi also shared that he always wants to keep the interesting elements that characterize him, always doing something unexpected. He did not go into detail about how the love novels helped him discover the story for Thor: Love & Thunder.

That being said, with Jane Foster back in the franchise, we can expect the film to be a success.

It remains to be seen, of course, how he will be received by fans of this niche.

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