Peugeot is preparing a new model: when the 408 model is launched

Peugeot will unveil the 408, a fastback-style crossover.

Peugeot will expand its compact range with the introduction of the 408, a coupe-style crossover.

408 was teased by a photograph of the grid area. It would join the 308 hatchback model and the 3008 Peugeot wagon and SUV. The Stellantis brand did not provide further details.

“It combines the characteristic codes of SUVs with a dynamic fastback silhouette,” Peugeot said in a press release, adding that it would be a “global” model. Peugeot is currently using the 408 nameplate on a compact sedan.

The coupe-crossover style is gaining popularity among the brands in the mass market, after being introduced in Europe on larger premium cars such as the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE. Current models include Renault Arkana, Volkswagen ID5 EV and Toyota CH-R, both classified as SUVs or crossovers. Designers and product planners say that the style is especially suitable for electric cars, as it is more aerodynamic than traditional SUVs, which can help improve autonomy.

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A growing style

Although not classified as SUVs or crossovers, a number of compact car models have adopted similar styling features, with higher seats and SUV-style wheel arches. These include the Citroen C4, DS 4 and Renault Megane E-Tech Electric.

The 408 will likely be built on the latest version of the EMP2 architecture, which allows petrol, diesel, hybrid plug-ins and a fully electric powertrain starting in 2023. Other Peugeot models on the platform include the 308 and 3008.

CH-R and Arkana, in particular, have been successful in sales since their introduction. CH-R has regularly sold more than 100,000 units since its launch in 2017, and Arkana, built in South Korea, has easily sold more units this year than the more stylish Kadjar compact SUV. traditional. By April, Toyota had sold more than 39,000 C-HRs, and Renault had sold more than 25,000 Arkana, according to Dataforce figures.

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The model will be unveiled at the end of June.

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