Ukraine is finally receiving the weapon that can bring it victory against the Russians

Ukraine will receive from the US M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) missile launcher, one of the weapons that have the potential to change the balance of power in military conflict.

However, Washington does not offer Kiev ATACMS (MGM-140 Advanced Tactical Missile System) systems capable of hitting targets within 300 km. These weapons were requested by Kyiv. The Biden administration fears that Ukraine will use them to attack targets in Russia. Moreover, there is an international treaty, of which the United States is not a party, which bans the export of long-range weapons.

ATACMS system belonging to South Korea (Photo: Profimedia Images)

Instead, the United States will provide Ukraine with HIMARS systems. They use GPS-guided M30 and M31 missiles with a maximum range of 70 km. The system can also use M26 missiles, which are not guided, with a maximum range of 45 km.

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All three types of missiles include hundreds of smaller bombs, which can “spray” a large area.

Americans fear that their secrets may fall into the hands of the Russians

The US has already sent dozens of M777 howitzers to Ukraine, but also not the most advanced models.

The weapons were delivered by the Americans without an element that would have made them much more accurate and would have had the potential to shorten the war. Howitzers lack computers that improve their accuracy and efficiency on the battlefield.

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This is not the only weapon delivered by the Americans to Kiev without certain secret elements. Certain components were removed from the FIM-92 Stinger missile launchers that were sent to the Ukrainian army.

Where the Americans hesitated, other allies of Ukraine intervened. Denmark has sent Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Kiev, which have the potential to end Russia’s maritime blockade.

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