What is Kindle Unlimited and is it worth it for you?

Read endless amounts with Kindle Unlimited: Is the offer worth it for all users?  (Image: Shanya Douglas via Unsplash)

Read endless amounts with Kindle Unlimited: Is the offer worth it for all users? (Image: Shanya Douglas via Unsplash)

With Kindle Unlimited, Amazon offers a reading flat rate for all users. Millions of e-books and thousands of audio books should be available to choose from. The service is currently not included in the Prime membership, so it would also mean additional costs for members. But is the extra charge really worth it?

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What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a service from Amazon that allows unlimited reading. According to Amazon, millions of e-books and thousands of audiobooks are available to users. There is no genre restriction. Thrillers, romance novels, fantasy & science fiction, children’s books, cookbooks and non-fiction are part of the offering. Kindle Unlimited can also be used without a Kindle. Amazon provides the free reader app for this purpose. The price is currently 11.75 euros per month. The service can be canceled at any time and Amazon offers a 30-day test phase as well as regular special offers for the first few months.

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What does Kindle Unlimited give me?

In short: Read unlimited books and listen to audio books. Selected eMagazines are also included. So you have access to a huge digital library from which you can borrow anything. With the price of Kindle Unlimited you secure a kind of e-book flat rate without any additional costs.

Kindle Unlimited does not require a Kindle.  (Image: Amazon)

Kindle Unlimited does not require a Kindle. (Image: Amazon)

What is the difference between Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited?

Prime Reading is a free extra included with every Prime subscription. However, you can only borrow up to ten books at a time. The range currently includes around 3,000 e-books and is constantly being expanded to always offer something new.

Kindle Unlimited is a completely standalone service that offers more choice and costs €11.75 per month. Compared to Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited allows you to borrow up to 20 books at the same time. The selection is also significantly larger, with an estimated 2 million books. Here the collection is constantly growing, without a rotating offer like Amazon Prime Reading.

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Is Kindle Unlimited worth it for me?

This question is not that easy to answer because it depends heavily on your reading habits. Do you like reading on the Kindle? Can you share your account with other people in your household? Are you occasionally looking for reading material or are you specifically looking for specific books? Do you read a lot or just occasionally? All of these questions determine whether the Kindle Unlimited offer is worth it for you. We therefore recommend that you familiarize yourself with the platform and try out the trial subscription if you are interested.

However, Kindle Unlimited is not suitable for audio book fans. In terms of variety and selection, it is clearly surpassed by Audible, which also belongs to Amazon. Audible currently costs 9.95 euros per month and can also be canceled at any time.

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Do you use Kindle Unlimited? Is the offer worth it for you? Or do you prefer to search specifically for specific genres or authors? Share your experiences with us! Which reading method has worked best for you – browsing the entire library or reading specific titles or genres?

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