Disney+: what to watch in January 2024 –

Disney just had a rather busy December month, where several new projects made their debut on Disney+, and a number of major theatrical offerings also made their streaming arrival. But January 2024 is a bit of a return to normality for the service, as fewer new additions land in the coming weeks. Still, here are the movies and shows you should watch on Disney+ this month.

Modern Family (Season 11) – Jan. 1

Arguably one of the best sitcoms of all time, especially in a critical sense, the 11th season of Modern Family has now come to the streamer, giving fans the chance to continue to experience the hilarious adventures of the Pritchett-Dunphy family.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (episodes 4-8) – Jan. 3-31

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The series that originally began in December will show five new episodes throughout the month before culminating in an epic finale on the last day of the month.

Class of ’09 – Jan. 3

This thriller series follows a class of FBI agents over three time periods as they grapple with changes in the U.S. criminal justice system. With interwoven timelines, you can expect a complex and broadly suspenseful story.

A bit of chaos – Jan. 5

Kate Winslet shines in this historical drama about two artists commissioned by King Louis XIV to create a striking garden for the French monarch’s Versailles palace.

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Echo – January 10

Marvel shakes things up with its latest live-action series as Echo debuts in full on Jan. 10, bringing all five episodes to subscribers so fans can follow how Maya Lopez tries to escape and confront Vincent D’Onofrio’s imposing Kingpin.

Bluey – January 12

The animated children’s series expands this month with 10 new episodes, perfect and ideal for keeping young children occupied during the dark winter months.

Disney+: what to watch in January 2024

The Artful Dodger – Jan. 17

Originally set to debut in 2023, this TV series is a sequel to Oliver Twist and sees young Jack Dawkins use his talents as a skilled pickpocket to learn to become a surgeon in 1850s Australia.

The Creator – Jan. 17

John David Washington shines in this sci-fi epic that first hit theaters in the fall of 2023. Revolving around an ex-special forces agent charged with tracking down the architect of advanced and destructive AI, his life is turned upside down when he finally discovers the identity of the Creator.

The life of a real bug – Jan. 24

Inspired by the Pixar film A Bug’s Life, this documentary delves into nine different micro-insect worlds around the world.

Assembled: The Making of Echo – Jan. 31

Following the series that debuted earlier this month, this documentary explores how the Marvel -show was developed and filmed and brought to audiences around the world.

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