What is Asperger syndrome?

Disease or success sign. The Asperger syndrome it debates, falsely, between these two waters. The truth is that we are talking about a developmental disorder what is included on the autism spectrumand that affects the reciprocal social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, a reluctance to accept change, inflexibility of thought as well as possessing narrow and absorbing fields of interestyes That’s the negative part. In the positive you have to see what relevant figures of our society they suffer from it Elon Muskthe tycoon and founder of Tesla, has been one of the famous people who has explained that suffer from this syndrome.

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The Asperger As such, it began to be identified in 1981when the doctor Lorna Wing named it that way recognition of the work of Dr. Hans Asperger, who had described this pattern of behavior in 1943. This disorder causes neurobiological alteration and is also identified in the context of autism spectrum disorders. those who suffer mostly do not suffer from developmental delays language or other clinical disturbances, and even 1992 was defined as gifted autism, with an above-average IQ.

People with the syndrome often have Difficulty establishing and maintaining stable relationships, since social skills are not his forte. His tendency to use logic can make them reach very high level of professional skills. Many are characterized by their brilliance. It is not surprising that many people who have been diagnosed with this disease have achieved great success. The actor Anthony Hopkins, the activist Greta Thumberg, the filmmaker Steve Spielberg, the artist Andy Warhol, the actor Keanu Reeves, the video game designer (Pokemon)Satoshi Tajiri, the economics novel Vernon L Smith and the Microsoft owner Bill Gates, among others, have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Elon Musk He is the last to join the group of those affected by the disease.

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