LG confirms the update to Android 12 for three phones already launched

It will soon be the year that LG left the phone market and it has already been a year since the company officially made the announcement. During this period, however, users of LG devices did not feel that the South Korean manufacturer was no longer active in this market. Recent phones are still receiving hardware support at the service, while the company has continued to release software updates at the usual pace. After launching Android 12 on the Velvet model, LG will continue to launch the new operating system on other models in the coming months.

Even though it no longer produces phones, LG continues to support software

LG usually announces its plans for software updates first for its home market, South Korea. Thus, the first three phones that will receive updates to Android 12 in the second quarter of 2022 will be three high-end and mid-range models, which were on the Korean market: LG Q92 5G, LG V50 and LG V50S. Not all of these models have reached international markets. However, the V50 and Q92 have also been released in Europe, so we can expect updates to Android 12 and the versions here. The V50S arrived in Europe under the name G8X, so that will probably be the updated model.

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In addition to the system update to version 12, LG has also announced a new quarterly update for several models that brings security updates up to date. It will be available for the LG Q52, LG Velvet and LG Wing, the latest “unconventional” smartphone that the company launched in the fall of 2020.

The closure of LG’s smartphone division came shortly after the announcement of the LG Rollable, the company’s first roll-up screen phone. However, it was not launched on the market and, despite rumors that employees might buy those devices at a discount before launch, LG decided not to make them available even for them.

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source: Android Authority

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