Want to see Jennifer Lopez in concert, but you can’t? Snapchat helps you and send a Bitmoji in your place

Snapchat doesn’t seem to be particularly passionate about metavers. However, the company’s latest experiment certainly looks a lot like a version of one.

Snap has announced that it will team up with Universal to host a virtual concert with Jennifer Lopez and Colombian pop singer Maluma, which viewers can view as Bitmoji avatars.

The concert itself will not take place on the Snapchat app, but potential viewers can access the show by logging on to the website dedicated to the concert, using their Snapchat login details. Bitmoji avatars of users will appear as spectators in the crowd. There are also some interactive effects that will be available during the show, including the ability to trigger a virtual laser.

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Jennifer Lopez and Maluma will also appear as 3D avatars

The concert, scheduled for February 3, is meant to promote the upcoming romantic comedy “Marry Me” (starring Lopez and Maluma), and is expected to last about 10 minutes, according to the company. The two will also be representatives of 3D avatars.

Virtual concerts can be considered as early experiments of the concept of metavers. For example, Fortnite concerts are often mentioned when it comes to what a possible metavers will look like.

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Mark Zuckerberg, in turn, referred to concerts in metavers, writing last year that in the future, people could “instantly teleport in the form of a hologram” to participate in shows.

Sophia Dominguez, director of Snapchat, told Engadget in December that the company’s vision for the future is not to “escape into another world,” but to create experiences that can connect physical and physical spaces. virtual.

What is less clear is whether Snapchat intends to make this a habit, or whether we are talking about a single event designed to prove to us that it is possible.

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