Volkswagen has unveiled an EV that costs less than €25,000 -.

Volkswagen is not just doubling or tripling down on electric vehicles, as the automaker is effectively tenfold in the EV space. And we say this because the German auto giant has now announced a new EV concept that is accessibly priced and will debut in 2025 and cost less than €25,000 each.

As noted in a new press release, we are told that this car, known as the ID. 2all will have a range of up to 450 km, will be as spacious as a Golf, and yet as cheap as that of a Polo. The car will also be built on the latest iteration of the modular electric propulsion platform (EIA) and will be equipped with efficient drivetrain, battery and charging technology.

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But this car is not all Volkswagen had to announce, as the car company also noted that it will commit to EVs by promising ten new electric models, all by 2026 – a year after the ID. 2all debuts on the road, and with this being one of them. We are told that this series of vehicles will also include the ID.3, the ID. Buzz and the ID.7, and will be followed by an electric SUV.

VW also promises that in the future it will bring an even more accessible priced car, aiming to produce one that sells for less than €20,000.

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This massive effort is part of VW’s commitment to make 80% of its cars in Europe EVs.

Volkswagen has unveiled an EV that costs less than €25,000

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