VMware, the platform of one of the most important applications you may not have heard of, has sold for $ 61 billion

Although the name doesn’t mean much to ordinary PC users, VMware is a very important and useful software for companies. Available for free for individual use so far, the VMware suite is in the portfolio of the giant Broadcom, for $ 61 billion.

The agreement signed is in fact a combination of cash payment and Broadcom share exchanges, on account of a remaining payment of $ 8 billion. In any case, the acquisition is particularly important for the Broadcom buyer, who can now make his presence felt more in the segment of virtualization technologies, very important for all kinds of large-scale activities.

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For ordinary users, the VMware Player solution is a surprisingly compact application that allows you to simulate another PC inside the one you are already using. For example, you can install Windows on it, connect it to the internet, install any dubious applications you found on the internet, without any risk. You can also browse the web with a web browser installed in your virtual machine without worrying that someone else will see your browsing history.

According to Gartner’s centralized statistics, VMware has taken the lead in the global software market for virtualization infrastructure in 2021, by market share, with a market share of 72% and estimated revenue of $ 5.9 billion.

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