This mystery box is absolutely awesome and miles ahead of the competition!

This week Aldi has a really exciting offer - a small box that is brilliant!

This week Aldi has a really exciting offer – a small box that is brilliant!

Starting today, you can get a little gadget in the Aldi online shop that you can’t even find on Amazon. It’s just a small black box, but its function is brilliant. And in one thing it is miles ahead of most of the competition! Click here to see the Aldi box on offer
GPS tracker without a SIM card and without a subscription! Do you know that when you ask yourself in gigantic parking garages, where your car is right now? The same goes for vacation: the thought of lost or stolen valuables can be quite unsettling. The GPS-Tracker von Cobblestone promises to take away exactly this stress. And the best thing: You can currently get this piece of security at an unbeatable price and it works without a subscription!

GPS trackers are more than just nice gadgets; they are the bodyguards of your mobile valuables. They give you the security of knowing the location of your suitcase, car or handbag. GPS systems used to be expensive and complicated, but Cobblestone brings GPS tracking to everyone. No ongoing costs! The Cobblestone tracker comes in a compact, robust design, water-repellent thanks to IP67 and a weight of only approx. 88 grams. The tracker can fit in every corner of your car or in your jacket pocket. However, what really sets it apart are the following features: flexibility: Five different tracking profiles to choose from Autonomy: No subscription or fees thanks to built-in, free data SIM Battery power: Up to 4 years battery life or up to 4,000 tracks universality: All EU and Norway covered versatility: For cars, motorcycles, caravans and more Software compatibility: Apps for iOS and Android as well as an online portal Grab the GPS tracker without a subscription on offer at Alid now
The GPS tracker without a subscription from Cobblestone is that good Flexibility in location You have the choice between different tracking profiles. From full throttle mode, which sends a position every 10 minutes, to 7-day mode with a weekly position report. This means you can adjust the tracking frequency as needed. Autonomy and (without) costs The highlight: This device does not charge any subscription fees. Thanks to the integrated data SIM, you can track the position of your valuables within the EU and Norway for free. What more do you want?

Battery power The stated battery life of 4 years is an estimate and depends on various factors such as tracking profile and environmental conditions. Nonetheless, long battery life is definitely one of the Cobblestone’s plus points. Software and operation You can access the current position of your valuables using the associated app or the online portal. The user interface is designed to be user-friendly, so you don’t have to waste time with complicated settings. Comparison with other GPS trackers While other GPS trackers often come with expensive subscriptions or limited battery life, Cobbleston™ stands out for its long battery life and free use. But be careful: the battery is not rechargeable. This is perhaps the only shortcoming that could be attributed to this clever device. Now you can use the Cobblesteon tracker On offer at Aldi for just €99.99 Grab it and save almost 30%! If you don’t want subscriptions, this is the right place for you! Get the GPS tracker now while stocks last!

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