VIDEO She-Hulk receives the first official trailer: when will you be able to see the Marvel series

Disney + and Marvel Studios have unveiled the first official trailer for the upcoming MCU series, She-Hulk, starring Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters.

It can be said that MCU has found an additional platform, apart from cinemas, while, in parallel, it continues to develop the universe based on Avengers. After the release of Disney +, Marvel Studios used the streaming service for TV series dedicated to veteran characters.

With titles already released, such as WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and Moon Knight, several original Marvel series are now looking for a place on TV.

The She-Hulk storyline revolves around Jennifer, who is also Bruce Banner’s cousin, aka Hulk. Of course, Mark Ruffalo is ready to resume his popular role.

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Disney + and Marvel Studios had no choice but to confirm the official release date for She-Hulk

Following a leak, it was rumored that She-Hulk would be officially released on August 17, Disney + and Marvel Studios had no choice but to officially unveil the first trailer for the series, also confirming , and the release date mentioned above.

She-Hulk “talks” about Jennifer’s transformation into the Marvel heroine, along with Ruffalo, who returns to the MCU. Moreover, here we will be able to see Tim Roth, in the role of Emil Blonsky, alias Abomination.

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The She-Hulk trailer does not seem to confirm or deny the rumors of the return of Matt Murdock, alias Daredevil, played once again by Charlie Cox. For about a year, several rumors have it that Season 1 of She-Hulk will feature the hero of Hell’s Kitchen. Cox returned to the MCU in 2021 in Spider-Man: No Way Home for a short but important cameo in which he played Peter Parker’s lawyer.

Since Jennifer is also a lawyer, it remains to be seen how the information will be intertwined in this new story.

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