The third season of “Star Trek: Lower Decks” has received its first trailer: what we know so far about animation

Although at one point the Star Trek franchise tended to fall into some sort of shadow cone, now the situation has changed in 2022. At the moment, we have neither more nor less. , of four thematic readjustments, so Trek fans have every reason to feel pampered.

One of the series that is now streaming is “Lower Decks”, the semi-ironic… semi-amusing animation that focuses on a series of characters that, in the other series, have been “forgotten”.

“Lower Decks” was noted for its humorous and highly intelligent interpretation of the SF universe invented by the great Gene Roddenberry. In October last year, season two ended in a conflict: The Federation arrested Captain Freeman for allegedly destroying the planet Pakled. A fateful “Will Follow” seems ominous now, as the action has left the fate of the beloved crew of the USS Cerritos unclear.

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The first trailer for the third season of “Lower Decks” is online

The first clue about what will happen next, in the series, was thrown in the public space on Saturday. Specifically, CBS has unveiled the first trailer for season three of “Lower Decks.”

From what can be seen from this, Mariner, Boimler, Tendi and Rutherford return to their usual jokes, sprinkled with a really stupid plan to hijack the USS Cerritos. “This is for the captain,” said one of them, as the camera pointed to a photograph of the ship.

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If you are a fan of “Lower Decks”, find out that in the United States of America you can watch the first two seasons of this animated series on Paramount +. Along with the premiere of “Strange New Worlds” on May 5, the third season of the animation is one of the few Star Trek properties that will reach the streaming service before the end of the year, which, we must admit, is great, especially if you are a true fan of the franchise that has written history in the SF world and you want to have the whole package.

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