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Google Messages, used to bombard Android users with ads


It’s happening in a less important market for Google, turned into an experiment where Google Messages displays as many ads as messages.

Google Messages is a handy “solution” for Google, making it easy to deliver guaranteed ads to the vast majority of Android users.

Apparently, the problem is with the RCS system, an auxiliary technology designed to facilitate the automatic delivery of media content to users’ devices. Normally, only certain vendors should be accepted, based on a QR code attesting to “Verified Business” status. Instead, someone seems to have found a way to get this permission automatically, resulting in a permanent assault with ads that should have been allowed only to a small group of Google partners.

The only solution for managing the situation is to manually report accounts that abuse these privileges, but the measure only works on a one-off basis and not for all Android users targeted by those ads.

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Ironically, the situation arises after Google promoted the RCS system as a successor to the SMS and MMS technologies, considered archaic. Now we find out why.

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