VIDEO Rob Zombie gives color to a classic: what the new The Munsters will look like

If you’re a fan, it’s time to revisit 1313 Mockingbird Street, because The Munsters is back in fashion.

Jeff Daniel Phillips leads the cast of the horror comedy remake starring Herman Munster as Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily, Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa, Richard Brake, Sylvester McCoy, Jorge Garcia, Catherine Schell and actress Elvira Cassandra Peterson.

For the return of The Munsters, you should thank Rob Zombie, the “culprit” for both the production and the script of the rebirth of this nice horror franchise.

The plot details for The Munsters are currently unknown, although the original series focused on the family of monsters, while adapting to normal life in an American suburb.

Rob Zombie, the only director who could have done “honor” to The Munsters

The production of the film was first announced in early 2021, when rumors began circulating that Zombie intended to make The Munsters a feature film, with the director himself confirming this information.

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As the film’s production draws to a close, Universal Pictures is uploading the first trailer for The Munsters to Instagram.

While the trailer doesn’t seem to offer much detail on what you’re going to see in the movie, it shows you some of what Rob Zombie thinks about his next work of art.

The trailer indicates that the film retains the same sense of weird humor it used to be. For example, Herman, Lily and Grandpa can be seen entering their iconic home on Mockingbird Street in an absolutely silly and funny way. It is suspected, however, that the film will be easily adapted to our times.

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From the trailer for The Munsters we can see that Zombie’s film will be in color, instead of the original black and white format, although many original characters have been kept in black and white, giving you the impression that the film could combine the two techniques.

The bottom line is that this franchise fits Rob Zombie’s “glove”, and there is a real chance that the retelling of this film will be a real success among fans of this niche.

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