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And billionaires cry sometimes: Elon Musk sees his empire fall apart, right before his eyes. It is “tied” to the hands and feet


Billionaire Elon Musk, the richest man on Earth, is watching helplessly as his empire around the giant Tesla collapses.

Restricted anti-Covid restrictions in China after new outbreaks of the Asian society hit the electric vehicle manufacturer directly.

Tesla seems to be falling apart, and Elon Musk has little choice

Unfortunately for the billionaire, all he can do is wait for a return to normalcy in terms of health. The market share of its giant carmaker has reached a three-year low, and analysts say that if tough restrictions in China are not lifted soon, the company will suffer heavy financial damage.

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The deterioration in market share is so strong that it has dropped from 27 percent to only 10. The figures are provided by Bloomberg analysts, who have assessed the situation in 80 countries!

Tesla has no problem with that alone. There are also irregularities on the US market, but of a different nature. U.S. regulators have decided to extend the investigation into Tesla’s autopilot feature after several Tesla cars collided with parked vehicles.

Normally, the function is designed and designed to help drivers drive on public roads with the help of artificial intelligence, which detects other vehicles. The company advises drivers to be careful on the road, as if everything depends only on them and not assisted by robots and they are required to keep their hands on the wheel while using Autopilot, only that some drivers have used Autopilot in drunk or sitting in the back seat of the car.

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The survey covers all four Tesla vehicles – models Y, X, S and 3 – representing approximately 830,000 vehicles that were sold in the United States.

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