US Intelligence believes that an “electromagnetic energy” is the cause of the ‘Havana syndrome’

MADRID, Feb. 3 (Royals Blue) –

A report from the United States Intelligence community has placed “electromagnetic energy” as the “most likely” cause of the so-called ‘Havana syndrome’, alluding to the alleged attacks that were detected for the first time in the Cuban capital, which would support the hypothesis that these are deliberate attacks caused by an “external source”.

The commission that investigates the cases suffered by diplomats from several United States embassies abroad, which include mysterious dizziness, headaches and nausea, among other symptoms, has ruled out that the syndrome occurred as a result solely of stress or fatigue, as the CIA initially pointed out.

Thus, the document now indicates that these symptoms could be the result of a mixture between electromagnetic energy – which would be directed by an external source – and ultrasound technology.

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“We have learned a lot,” a source close to the matter told the CNN television network. “We don’t have an explanation for the specific mechanism around each case, but we do know that with proper medical treatment, most workers have recovered,” she said.

This new document largely confirms the report issued in late 2020 by the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, which found evidence of “directly emitted pulsed radiofrequency energy,” something that could explain the cases.

However, an internal CIA report noted that it would be unlikely that other governments were behind these cases, although this theory has not been completely ruled out.

The commission has pointed out that some of these incidents have affected several people sharing the same space, while some of the analyzes and tests carried out on patients show signs of “damage to the nervous system”.

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US diplomats have reported such symptoms since 2016, raising questions about whether countries like China or Russia are behind the cases.

A senior American official has expressed that the situation is “frustrating” since each case is different and it is something “unprecedented” in medicine. “This is a unique combination of symptoms that we don’t have a lot of experience with in the medical or clinical field,” he said.

This is a victory for the victims, who have expressed concern about the position taken by the CIA during this type, which alluded to mostly psychosocial factors.

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