Uribismo plans debate to control Petro’s government over its policies against drug trafficking

Centro Democrático, the party of former president Álvaro Uribe, has announced that it has initiated the corresponding procedures to be able to carry out a control session to the government of the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, for his announced policies to combat drug trafficking.

“We are preparing a questionnaire to summon Petro’s government to respond for a series of events that have been taking place regarding the fight against drug trafficking,” Senator Paola Holguín has advanced, reports RCN radio station.

Holguín explained that they will seek explanations from the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, on announcements that the government will suspend bombing of armed group camps, as well as forced eradication with glyphosate and the possibility of suspending the extradition of drug traffickers.

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This Thursday the government announced the decision to avoid this type of airstrikes if there is evidence of the presence of minors and victims of forced recruitment, after during the previous government of Iván Duque the death of children in this type of operations was denounced.

In turn, this week, Petro announced alternatives to the forced eradication of illicit crops, such as the possibility that it could be done voluntarily or by replacing them with others before applying glyphosate. The new government advocates attacking the large organized crime structures and not the peasant farmer, who is the weakest link in this chain.

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Regarding allowing drug traffickers not to be extradited, Petro has been clear and has pointed out that only those who collaborate with the State and do not reoffend will be eligible for this measure. Otherwise, they will be subject to being brought before foreign authorities.

However, from the opposition and especially from Uribism, they have been accusing the new government of bowing to the interests of organized crime since they announced their intention to carry out another type of policies against drug trafficking, after the previous ones have failed.

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