Ukrainian operator confirms reconnection of the Zaporiyia power plant to the grid

Latest news on the war pitting Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine’s state energy operator Energoatom confirmed Friday the reconnection of the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant to the country’s power grid thanks to the reactivation of its two power units.

The first of them was reconnected to the power grid this Friday at 14.04 hours (one hour less in peninsular Spain), Energoatom has announced on its Telegram channel, in a first statement.

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This reconnected unit “is already producing electricity to meet Ukraine’s needs, and power uprating is in progress.”

Subsequently, in a second note, it has announced that the second of the units is fully operational again, specifically as of 9:15 p.m. (local time).

The operator has applauded the civilian employees working at the plant as “real heroes” who ensure “the nuclear safety of Ukraine and the whole of Europe.”

Fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the vicinity of the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant forced its disconnection from the Ukrainian power grid on Thursday, an unprecedented move that heightens security concerns.

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The plant was already connected to the grid at only one of the four points set up before the region became the scene of fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, something the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had already warned about.

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