Ukrainian authorities raise to more than 200 bodies found in mass graves in Liman

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Ukrainian authorities have raised to more than 200 the number of bodies found in mass graves in the recently “liberated” town of Liman, in the Donestk region, thus joining Bucha, Izium or Mariupol as localities where Kiev has discovered civilian graves after the expulsion of Russian troops.

As highlighted on his Telegram account by the military governor of Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, two mass graves are currently known to exist in Liman, of which one of them has 200 civilian graves.

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In another area is the second mass grave in which, according to operational data, there may be both military and civilian victims. However, the exact number of bodies is still unknown.

“Law enforcement officials are now investigating these sites and will soon begin the exhumation process. I ask everyone to refrain from commenting on the number of people buried and the causes of their death until the final conclusions of the experts,” Kyrylenko has detailed in his message.

Of the total number of bodies found, 21 of them have been identified and buried in the cemetery of the town of Sviatohrisk.

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“May they rest in peace. The Russians will be punished for every destroyed, mutilated and taken human life,” the military governor of the Donetsk region has sentenced.

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